Valentine’s Day It Is, Celebrate!

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It’s February. Well, frantic schedules made me forget that Valentine’s Day is just a sleep away, until I walked inside a galleria and was amazed at the deluge of various sweet and romantic stuff. I was thrilled watching the people getting frenzy about the occasion, and I sensed romance explicitly on every nook.

I have been through the shackles of many relationships. Some left worth-keeping memories, but some were better consigned to oblivion. Memories of Valentine’s dates are among those I don’t intend to keep, except those I spent with someone really special. There are many people, however, who are good at remembering the past and narrating their most worthwhile experiences.

Reminiscing my teen years, I can recall the most vivid thoughts of how I celebrated Valentine’s Day with the girl I honestly loved for many years. On our first year, we were still on our senior year in high school. She often sent me, through regular mail, Valentine’s cards without her name on it and left love notes in my backpack under my arm-chair. I did not treat her to dinner, but we went to the boulevard to watch the sunset.” — A Walk Through Life by Richard C. Cuthing

That was a simple experience of a teenage boy about love and Valentine’s Day. And I realized, most of my dates were upscale and definitely expensive—a date on a river cruise, a night in a high-priced hotel, a week-long safari, and many more. Our different experiences remind us that Valentine’s Day is not about classy dating. It should be a meaningful celebration of love and relationship.

There are many ways to celebrate the occasion. It is not merely for lovers, as almost everybody assumes, but also for friends and the family. It is a season of love … The essence of the occasion is on how you appreciate and treasure a relationship, not by material possessions but by how a person affects your life.” — A Walk Through Life by Richard C. Cuthing

I won’t be having a Valentine’s date tomorrow, but I know what to do. Whether or not you are in a relationship, in love and dating, enjoy the day in your own way like it is a gift. If you were single, go out and seize the day with your friends. You can also spend time with your family at dinner and play with the kids, or enjoy a sweating cold beer with a friend. Don’t forget to eat right and drink moderately.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It Happened To Many Companies, It Can Happen To Yours

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Top Marketing Fails [Slide Share] from National Pen

Many companies find that their marketing message gets “lost in translation” during international ad campaigns

It can happen to anyone. You’re having a conversation with someone from another part of the country – or maybe even from another nation entirely, and you say something that really makes him or her gasp. What an odd reaction, you say; until you realize that what you were trying to say didn’t translate with the intended meaning. Major corporations around the world have also encountered these types of communication failures – the kind that cause marketing managers to shake their heads in disbelief and customers to question the motives of those in charge of the ads. Read More.

Eat Right, Workout Regularly, Live A Healthy Lifestyle

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I know of several people who are disappointed of their love handles and bulging bellies. But still, they are too lazy to move around and do regular physical workouts. Aside from that, they are eating more than what is required.

There are people who would willingly set aside the idea of being healthy and just enjoy the things they love doing, eat all the food they like and have fun. They say life is too short to worry about not being sexy or fit. But how much shorter life can be if we would not take good care of our health?

Sometimes, we hate to exercise. Though there are times that we do accidental health regimen. Well, I am not talking about our jogging to the ice cream center or walking to a nearby convenience store to buy some chocolate bars. If we would want optimum physical health and fitness, we need valuable time to burn calories and eliminate unwanted elements from our system.

So, if you saw love handles starting to form around your belly, you better get your ass up and start turning them into six-pack abs. Consider taking stock and see what you can do to get into better shape again. More than that, always maintain a proper food diet. Eventually, we can enjoy life to the fullest.

Go to the gym. If the gym wasn’t actually not appealing to you, probably you should see about going for more regular walks and try running. You can add to it few crunches each morning and practice a 10 to 15-minute hip hop abs exercise in the bathroom before a splash. If you have a bike, see another town. Or you can go to the woods and commune with nature for a healthy stroll.

There are a lot of things you can try like attending Yoga classes and boxing. Swimming and running are good physical workouts, too. You can also try hunting, extreme sports and outdoor adventures. The great outdoors is also fun and exciting way to shape up.

Whatever you decide to try, enjoy and maintain it. I believe that with dedication to health and fitness, along with self-discipline and proper food diet, you can live a healthier and stress-free life!

A Taste of Christmas

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I love Christmas. Who doesn’t? It reminds me of exuberant spirit at the family round table. Laughter is always made more meaningful by sharing wonderful stories over sumptuous dinner and luxe wine, with merry Christmas songs on the backdrop.

Elaborate parties are everywhere and holiday crazes are most expected from almost every nook of the planet, adding cheer and excitement to the grandest celebration of the year. More than that, it is a time of fatty bonuses and luxurious giveaways.

What is Christmas, anyway? For me, it’s the true celebration of life and redemption—a season of contemplation and gratitude. It’s a time to look back at my journey throughout the year and see if there were many reasons to celebrate, more things to be grateful and lucrative opportunities to count than the previous year.

I don’t savor the taste of Christmas through comfort foods and shopping sprees. Instead, I relish its essence by counting my blessings, through what I have become. How many lives have I touched? How many of my prayers were answered? Did I extend myself to those who are in need—the less fortunate, the battered and the children? Was I a worthwhile gift to others?

The taste of Christmas is a fusion of different flavors. You will only experience it by watching how our poor brethrens celebrate Christmas on their very simple homes. When you have more to consume this season, don’t hesitate to share. Christmas is merrier and more meaningful when you see them smile. Finally, don’t waste on food. There are millions of hungry people, especially children, all over the world.

Merry Christmas everyone!

A Sip of Heaven: Women’s Guide to Wine

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You don’t just drink it, you have to discover and learn more about it to tell the difference between your wine and hers. After reading this, you will realize there are still so much to enjoy from your wine aside from sipping and savoring every drop of it.

I have come across this interesting Infographic from Tiziano and I thought you would be interested too. As you take a sip of heaven from your glass, don’t forget that too much of everything can be dangerous. As for drinking, take it moderately and when you are of legal age. But don’t worry, wines have health benefits, too.

Have fun!


Trick or Treat, Sky’s the Limit

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Exciting sights of crazy and scary Halloween made me realized the evolution of this tradition has been tremendous over the years. Recent party concepts are streamlined. Creative ornamentation hefted to a whole new level, some of which are expensively stupendous. Halloween costumes fashionably creepy, but phenomenal.

Halloween is a time when spectacular parades of creative artworks, through awesome get-ups and props, would leave us gaping in surprise. Copy-cats bring ghastly characters to life. The good thing about Halloween is, it allows anyone to unleash his creativity and then stand among the crowd.

But that’s not all about Halloween. Now, it’s trick or treat and the multifarious events where sky’s the limit. A connotation that people have outgrown tradition and are always ready to dare to be scared with Halloween innovations. What modern and unique way of celebrating Halloween have you experienced this year? Don’t be shy to share.

There’s is but one thing I love most—food! Well, foodies love to feast. Of course, whenever there’s festivity, food abounds. But how do you like human brains for  an appetizer, innards for the main course and eyeballs for dessert? I would love to wash it all down with cold blood. Oops! Pardon my appetite, and don’t puke for those are not a cannibal’s desire.

Food experts diversify presentations of their creations, thus the sweets shaped like brains, and similar stuff. It’s just amazing how human creativity works to stun the senses and give us aesthetic pleasure. And during Halloween, it always leave me surprised!

How did you spend the Halloween? We would love to know.

Sweet Indulgence

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Sweet temptations can penetrate as deep as the core of our insatiable appetite. Even the glucose intolerant prowl for nuggets of sweet treats. I can’t blame the diabetics for taking the risk sometimes, because I know how heavenly each bite of luscious dark chocolate cakes can be.

Confectionery is among my frailties, especially chocolates. And, I have an unquenchable craving for chocolate cakes. Oh my, just a thought of it makes me wanna drive somewhere an inviting dark chocolate cake is waiting.

But well, after working on a real hell of a project last weekend, I stumbled upon a chocolate cake haven that could finally bring about my soul’s sweet fantasies. And no remorse for every bite was a rupture of extreme delight, a chocolatey paradise I missed for a while.

Would two slices be enough for me? No, but as to how many slices I gobbled on that bout had to be a secret. And if you would want sweet indulgence yourself, uncover the city and you will surely find your own favorite house. I realized that it takes effort to satisfy our cravings, so  enjoy your hunt!

A Prime Rib Treat for a Curious Foodie

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This isn’t the kind of editorial I desired for a primary post after that fiddly intro I had. I was considering writing about the profundity of life or weaving a rousing brainchild, something along those lines. Nevertheless, my blog has already been a languishing sphere supplicating a morsel of my time to scribble the thoughts I held in abeyance. Well, it took a long while for the shackles of the demanding world and bustling traffic of the blogosphere to loosen up.

Hammering around the city on a Wednesday was remarkably outlandish for me. But after my kooky out-of-town trips, I found that drive remarkably brilliant. Surprisingly, I was drawn to Black Angus Steakhouse in Friars Road for my fare cravings. Many of my friends had been clamoring about this tantalizing abode that, according to them, serves luscious enthusiasm and juicy delight. I became intrigued and hoped one day I could savor and experience it myself.

Now, I can’t resist but relish the house’s prime rib. Seasoned, seared, slowly roasted and served with an alternative of creamy horseradish sauce and au jus, it is a decent Wednesday best-seller that nailed my appetite. With freshly baked bread and sweet wine to go along with the juicy meat, you’ll surely find this smothering cuisine a divine gastronomic indulgence that would entice you to come back.

so, if you were eyeing for a delectably satisfying steak treat, try it out. The prime rib  is also a good deal for the price. And, you might consider trying the house’s other lavish selections. Personally, the place is one of the best steakhouses I have tried in the city.

Bon appétit!

Amuse Bouche

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First posts are tricky. It’s a momentum thing, partly, so hopefully as I keep hacking it’s going to get easier. After all the editing I’ve been doing lately, spontaneity’s been really hard to come by, so to keep my creative side alive, I’m putting my red pencil down and picking up the quill again.

Intros first: I’m Brandon Peters, thirty-something Cali guy, entrepreneur, food nerd, and shutterbug. A lot of the time I like to immerse in the sea of life and feel all its waves and currents, but sometimes I like to step back a bit and look at the big picture, see what’s what, and share what I see. So come on in, kick your shoes off, and put your feet up. Welcome to my blog.