Sweet Indulgence

image source: sxc.hu

Sweet temptations can penetrate as deep as the core of our insatiable appetite. Even the glucose intolerant prowl for nuggets of sweet treats. I can’t blame the diabetics for taking the risk sometimes, because I know how heavenly each bite of luscious dark chocolate cakes can be.

Confectionery is among my frailties, especially chocolates. And, I have an unquenchable craving for chocolate cakes. Oh my, just a thought of it makes me wanna drive somewhere an inviting dark chocolate cake is waiting.

But well, after working on a real hell of a project last weekend, I stumbled upon a chocolate cake haven that could finally bring about my soul’s sweet fantasies. And no remorse for every bite was a rupture of extreme delight, a chocolatey paradise I missed for a while.

Would two slices be enough for me? No, but as to how many slices I gobbled on that bout had to be a secret. And if you would want sweet indulgence yourself, uncover the city and you will surely find your own favorite house. I realized that it takes effort to satisfy our cravings, so  enjoy your hunt!

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