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It Happened To Many Companies, It Can Happen To Yours

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Top Marketing Fails [Slide Share] from National Pen

Many companies find that their marketing message gets “lost in translation” during international ad campaigns

It can happen to anyone. You’re having a conversation with someone from another part of the country – or maybe even from another nation entirely, and you say something that really makes him or her gasp. What an odd reaction, you say; until you realize that what you were trying to say didn’t translate with the intended meaning. Major corporations around the world have also encountered these types of communication failures – the kind that cause marketing managers to shake their heads in disbelief and customers to question the motives of those in charge of the ads. Read More.

A Sip of Heaven: Women’s Guide to Wine

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You don’t just drink it, you have to discover and learn more about it to tell the difference between your wine and hers. After reading this, you will realize there are still so much to enjoy from your wine aside from sipping and savoring every drop of it.

I have come across this interesting Infographic from Tiziano and I thought you would be interested too. As you take a sip of heaven from your glass, don’t forget that too much of everything can be dangerous. As for drinking, take it moderately and when you are of legal age. But don’t worry, wines have health benefits, too.

Have fun!